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Mattress cover

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The experience of luxury, every night even at your home

Discover the Simmons mattress pads of and relive the emotion of sleeping in the bed of a luxury hotel.

Sleeping in a 5-star hotel is an experience that leaves its mark. Many of those lucky enough to have this experience want to relive it every night, even in their own home. was created to respond to this need, providing preferential access to a catalog of mattress covers, pillows and sheets chosen by the best hotels in the world.

Made in Italy mattress covers in hotels all over the world

The mattress covers that you can find in our online shop are the result of the best Made in Italy artisan tradition and offer all the Simmons quality guarantees, helping to create the perfect bed for your needs.

Do you already know what the mattress cover will be for your bed?
Find it in our online shop and order it with just a few clicks!

Want to find out which item you used during your hotel stay?
Take advantage of our search system: choose the one you stayed in from the list of hotels and find the mattress cover of the bed you slept in!

Do you want to find other bed accessories?
For a complete "5-star" experience, you can explore our catalog and find Simmons shapes, solutions and finishes to create the perfect bed system for your home!

Exclusive partnership

With you have exclusive access to a catalog of items of the highest quality, which cannot be purchased in any other store, either physical or online.
This is because our online shop was born from a partnership with Simmons, a historic brand that has made rest its passion: the service includes assistance during the purchase of the items and delivery to your home, throughout Italy.