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Ergomen ClimActiv™ is the medium comfort pillow that you can find in the rooms of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

Optimal head support thanks to the self-modelling padding

The experience of a 5-star hotel is directly linked to the quality of rest: in this context, the pillow becomes a complement of fundamental importance.
The Simmons Ergomem ClimActiv™ pillow is designed to offer a complete and long-lasting sensation of well-being, supporting the head, neck and shoulders in optimal balance.

Find out the characteristics of the pillow you slept on

The Ergomem ClimActiv™ pillow with cervical profile is made up of Trycel™ Memored ClimActiv™ memory foam padding, with self-modeling and thermoregulating capacity.
The materials used favor a pleasantly cool and breathable contact.