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The Accent Beautyrest™ mattress stands out for its excellent comfort and welcome, enhanced by a unique elegance

Comfort and hospitality combined with maximum elegance

Accent Beautyrest™ is appreciated by hotels all over the world for its unprecedented ability to combine comfort and elegance: it supports and accommodates the weight of the body, enhancing the aesthetic performance of the room, for an all-round 5-star experience.< /p>

This special mattress is extremely comfortable and balanced. Able to balance support and softness in an “environment” where every detail is designed to support the head, shoulders and neck, it offers optimal alignment, regardless of the person's position.

Find out the characteristics of the mattress you slept on

Accent Beautyrest™ features the patented HP independent coated spring system. These are combined with Lap-seal technology: the synergy between the two systems creates a soft and comfortable surface in the area in contact with the body, while the support area maintains the optimal degree of rigidity, adapting to the weight of the person.

Thanks to the triple-layer padding with Active Support Inside and the anti-sinking perimeter band, the mattress progressively welcomes the body.

The mattress is covered in fireproof ecru, hypoallergenic, elastic and breathable stretch fabric.