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Elegance is the first feature you notice in a luxury hotel, but comfort is the feature you remember the longest. The Chest Zzz Beautyrest™ mattress is a perfect combination of the two.

Sleep in elegance without sacrificing comfort

Like all Simmons brand products, Chest Zzz Beautyrest™ is an object of great value, in which functionality is inextricably linked to a superior aesthetic result: over the years these peculiarities have made it the first choice of hotel facilities all over the world.

The mattress also uses state-of-the-art technologies and materials to ensure superior performance and create a feeling of well-being and comfort for the entire duration of rest.

Find out the characteristics of the mattress you slept on

The elegance of the Simmons mattress is immediately visible thanks to the cover, characterized by Tack&Jump Tufting electronic quilting and the use of ecru-colored fireproof stretch fabric.

Comfort is due to the padding: made up of three layers, it takes advantage of the Active Support Inside system to progressively accommodate the body. The support is given by the HP coated and independent springs (increased height and with double lateral reinforcement) and by the exclusive Lap-seal technology.

Finally, Chest Zzz Beautyrest™ is equipped with a quilted, bordered and removable Pillow Top Renew thanks to practical zippers.