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The Platinum Beautyrest™ mattress offers a luxury experience and the security of a deep and regenerating rest, during which you can fully recover your energy.

The certainty of a comfortable and restful sleep

In a 5-star hotel, elegance is important, but comfort is even more so. The Platinum Beautyrest™ mattress by Simmons is created to offer a relaxing rest and put the person in a position to fully recover energy, thanks to a combination of cutting-edge materials, patented technologies and quality craftsmanship.

Find out the characteristics of the mattress you slept on

The effectiveness of Platinum Beautyrest™ is due to the synergy between the parts and between the technologies used.

It starts with the innovative quilted Pillow Top Renew, bordered and removable thanks to practical zips; the triple layer padding, the double lateral reinforcement with independent springs and the Active Support Inside system help to support the body in a balanced way.

The mattress also uses the No Flip System structure and the Biactive™ Smart Response™ HP coated and independent springs with increased height (exclusive to Simmons): the spine is thus accommodated on a surface balanced between ergonomics and rigidity, thanks also to the Lap-seal system.