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Simmhotel embodies the history and tradition of handcrafted quality mattresses, offering a sleep experience characterized by optimal balance.

When comfort comes from tradition

The Simmhotel mattress is a classic by Simmons, renowned for its quality and reliable performance.

These characteristics have meant that many of the most popular luxury hotels in the world choose it, guaranteeing their guests a superior rest experience.

Find out the characteristics of the mattress you slept on

The qualities of Simmhotel derive from the materials and technologies adopted, as well as from the desire to improve and evolve to offer ever higher performance.

The ecru jacquard fireproof fabric upholstery is enhanced by the original multi-needle electronic quilting, welcoming the person on a soft and extremely pleasant to the touch surface.

The padding is thick and works in synergy with the ergonomic structure and the anti-sinking perimeter band, for an excellent degree of comfort for the entire duration of rest.

Finally, the Adjusto-rest™ springs with an enlarged support area allow support with calibrated and gradual stiffness.