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Suite Pillow Top Beautyrest™ is a mattress in which quality craftsmanship and material technology come together to offer a superior sleeping experience.

Crafted care and precious materials for a sleep like no other

Like all mattresses and other Simmons products, Suite Pillow Top Beautyrest™ also owes its performance to the perfect synergy between the most modern technologies and craftsmanship with attention to every detail.

The result is a mattress able to adapt to the shape of the body, welcoming and supporting the weight and movements of the person during the entire duration of sleep.

Find out the characteristics of the mattress you slept on

Every detail of the Suite Pillow Top Beautyrest™ contributes to an unparalleled rest experience.

The mattress cover is made of ecru-colored fireproof stretch fabric: it is breathable, hypoallergenic and elastic, easily recognizable thanks to the Tack&Jump Softness electronic quilting.

Thanks to the advanced Biactive™ Smart Response™ HP springs (Simmons patent), the spine is kept in ideal alignment, while the Lap-seal technology ensures the ideal balance between stiffness and ergonomics.

The extra thick Pillow Top bearing and the double lateral reinforcement with independent springs are also very important which, working in synergy with the exclusive triple-layer padding and Active Support Inside procedure, welcome the body progressively.

Finally, this Simmons mattress is equipped with the latest generation No Flip System structure, capable of giving unique comfort.