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The Simmons Talent HP mattress is designed to offer the person an experience oriented towards maximum well-being: for this very reason it is chosen by luxury hotels that want to offer guests all the advantages of a high-performance mattress.

The mattress designed for personal well-being

Sleeping well means waking up with the energy needed to face the day, and this is especially important when travelling! HP Talent responds to this need using the most advanced technology and decades of Simmons know-how.

The result is a mattress capable of supporting the weight of the body in a balanced and gradual way, offering all the advantages of an invigorating rest.

Find out the characteristics of the mattress you slept on

Talent HP by Simmons uses the Adjusto-rest™ HP springs with increased height in synergy with the enlarged support area to ensure calibrated and comfortable support.

Thanks to the triple-layer padding with Active Support Inside and the anti-sinking perimeter band, the degree of comfort and welcome remains constant throughout the rest.

The touch of elegance is added by the covering in fireproof ecru, hypoallergenic, elastic and breathable fabric, which is enhanced by the original multi-needle electronic quilting, capable of giving extreme softness and elasticity.