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World Class Beautyrest™ exploits an unprecedented self-modeling capacity to adapt to the anatomical shape of the person and offer superior comfort.

Self-modeling technology for an incomparable welcome

The World Class Beautyrest™ mattress by Simmons adopts patented materials and technologies to adapt itself in every detail to the shape of the person, paving the way for a feeling of welcome and comfort that accompanies the body during sleep and after waking up.

These features have led World Class Beautyrest™ to become the reference mattress for many 5-star hotels.

Find out the characteristics of the mattress you slept on

The padding of this Simmons mattress consists of a triple layer and takes advantage of the Active Support Inside system to accommodate the body progressively, thanks also to the double reinforcement with independent side springs and the No Flip System structure.

The Simmons patent with HP coated and independent springs and the exclusive Lap-seal technology promote a more comfortable contact, balanced by the layer in TrycelTM Memored™ HC: this memory foam uses the heat and weight of the body to adapt to each detail of the body, creating a balanced and uniform support.

To all this is added the elegance of the cover in gray fireproof, hypoallergenic, elastic and breathable stretch fabric, enhanced by the original Tack&Jump Softness electronic quilting, which gives a feeling of extreme softness.