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The Season topper offers the security of a comfortable rest even during the hottest days, without compromising the softness of the bed.

Wellness and comfort at any temperature

Season is the Simmons topper created to ensure superior quality sleep even in the hottest period of the year: it is no coincidence that it was chosen as a complement to the mattress in luxury hotels located in areas characterized by high temperatures.


The functionality of Season is combined with an incomparable aesthetic result and the softness that characterizes all Simmons brand products.

Discover the characteristics of the topper you slept on

Season takes advantage of the exclusive five-layer Microfill Silver™ padding of the highest quality, which guarantees the typical sensation of well-being and enveloping. The softness of the topper is enhanced by the jacquard-worked cover fabric and the traditional RestPro volumizing quilting.

The thermoregulating action takes place in the central part of the topper, made up of a technological fiber enclosed by a layer of Soft Touch microfiber with silver ion-release zeolites, which protects the body from the absorption of static energy.


The outer layers of the padding have one side in cashmere and one in linen, so as to guarantee optimal thermal comfort according to the season.