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Silence is a high-performance topper that contains the best anti-mite technologies applied to bed accessories.

Allergy-free capacity for uncompromising sleep

Mite allergy is a very common disorder and is often among the problems that prevent you from enjoying the benefits of deep and uninterrupted sleep. The Silence topper by Simmons is made to respond to these problems, combining the latest generation of hypoallergenic materials with the quality deriving from craftsmanship. All this, without compromising the standards of comfort and softness in any way.

Discover the characteristics of the topper you slept on

The Silence topper takes advantage of the high thickness Relastict™ Fiber padding, specifically designed for people allergic to dust mites. The padding also favors a gradual welcome and continuous support throughout the rest.

The upper side is covered in stretch fabric, while the lower part is in elastic knit to be able to dissipate humidity more effectively.

Convenience is further enhanced by the original electronic multi-needle wave quilting.