The beds of

What is is the first Italian portal of the "hotel at home" and offers you the possibility to purchase the same Simmons™ bed on which you have slept, for work or pleasure, in a specific hotel. You can opt for a quick solution, buying the bed of that hotel in the standard aesthetic configuration, or, keeping the comfort unchanged, you can configure your bed, choosing it from almost 6 million possible compositions, to adapt it to your needs, your taste aesthetic or to your lifestyle.

Is the mattress I'm buying the same one I slept on or is it a similar version?

The hotel registered with provides us with all the bed configurations it uses. This allows us to offer you the very same one you used during your stay at the property.

What are the characteristics of the products I intend to buy? Where can I find the information?

Before purchasing, a technical data sheet of each product is always available.

There is no hotel where I slept. is constantly updated in order to offer its customers all the information necessary to continue sleeping well. If you cannot find the hotel where you stayed, please contact us.

Is my current bed frame appropriate for the new mattress?

Each mattress, to function at its best, needs a specific base on which to rest. Contrary to popular belief, the base is extremely important to ensure the comfort and durability of the mattress. Using a mattress on an unsuitable base could irreparably compromise the mattress with the unpleasant consequence of finding yourself with a new damaged mattress. With the matching mattress - base proposed by you won't run any risks and you'll be ready to sleep wonderfully.

Who builds / where are mattresses assembled?

The mattresses of are built at the Simmons™ factories located in the north of Milan; thanks to this collaboration, they benefit from the competence, wisdom and guarantee of the greatest expert in the sector.

Can I find beds elsewhere?

No. The beds of are distributed exclusively by this portal.

How can I be sure of finding the same comfort experienced in a hotel?

Comfort is given by multiple factors that work in synergy: the mattress, the base and the pillow are all essential elements to obtain the same comfort experienced in the hotel. Varying just one of these elements could mean compromising the final result. knows, and therefore suggests, the bed configurations of the participating hotels.

What is the difference between a spring bed base and one with a rigid top?

To obtain the ideal support for your body, rigidity and comfort must be in perfect balance: it is therefore essential to combine the mattress with the base capable of guaranteeing the best performance. Sommier with springs: the elasticity of the spring system makes it the best support base for any mattress; increases its convenience and comfort without altering its rigidity. Sommier with rigid surface: it is suitable for any mattress: providing greater support while maintaining the comfort of the mattress unchanged.

Do the colors I see on the screen exactly match the product I will receive?

The colors of the products you see on the screen are as faithful as possible to the product you will receive, but may vary depending on the device used and from screen to screen.



Costs vary depending on the quantity of products ordered and the type. During the configuration phase, the system automatically calculates the costs based on the selected products and shows them during the order confirmation phase.

Delivery times undertakes to deliver the goods within a maximum of 25 working days. The average time depends on the product and the customization required. For some products and in certain periods of the year the days could increase but you will be promptly informed.

How does the delivery of the beds take place?

Our exclusive courier will contact you by telephone to agree on the delivery date on which the person who placed the order or an adult representative must be present. In case of non-appointment by the customer, a will be opened in storage and a new delivery date will be set. If the first delivery is not successful, you will be charged a surcharge for the second delivery and for storage.

Can the products I'm buying also be shipped abroad?

Yup. They can also be shipped abroad. The shipping costs will be communicated to you according to the model and its destination. When registering, enter the foreign destination data. We will evaluate the shipping costs directly and on a case-by-case basis.

Who takes care of shipping and transport? Can you track the transport? Where are the goods delivered?

Shipments and transport are entrusted to an Exclusive Courier who, upon request, carries out various activities including delivery to the floor with white gloves, assembly of the ordered items and, with a small extra contribution, the disposal of your old bed. The same company in charge of the transport will remain in contact with you all the time providing you with all useful data to guarantee you the best shopping experience ever.

Do you also collect used/old beds?

Yup. We can take care of it. offers its customers a used bed collection service. Thanks to the collaboration with our courier and with a small contribution, we will manage the collection of your old bed, relieving you of the boredom of disposal.


What is the Privilege Code?

The Privilege Code is an exclusive code, reserved for you by the hotel where you stayed, which allows you to take advantage of discounts reserved for you on the website

How can I get it?

The Privilege Code is delivered exclusively to customers staying in the hotels participating in the initiative. If you don't have your Privilege Code, ask the hotel where you stayed.


What is the "returns" policy of Dormire a 5 stelle?

Read the General Conditions section "Returns" in the general conditions of sale.

How and where can I send the product with manufacturing defects?

Every single product is subjected to strict quality controls by us; therefore it is very unlikely that it has construction defects. However, our assistance is very attentive to your needs and guarantees you a further quality control, in your presence, at the time of delivery. If despite the scrupulous checks a subsequent defect should occur, please contact us in order to find the best solution to solve the problem.

I bought a product but changed my mind, can I return it?

In the event that you change your mind and want to replace the purchased product, you will be free to do so within the terms established in your favor by law. cares about your satisfaction and we will assist you in every phase. If you would like more information or would like to learn more about the matter, read the General Conditions of Sale in the "Returns" section.


What credit cards are accepted? Are there other payment methods? accepts all major credit cards. (Visa, MasterCard and Maestro). It is also possible to pay by bank transfer but the order can only be processed upon receipt of the same.

I want to modify my order (add, change, modify, ...) how can I do?

To minimize delivery times, orders are processed immediately. Nonetheless, if you need to add, change or modify the order, you can always contact Customer Care; we will do our best to help you.

Is it possible to have an invoice for the products I have purchased?

Yup. At the time of delivery, in addition to the product, you will also receive the invoice, for this you will be asked for the Tax Code.

Do the online prices include VAT?

Yup. the prices of our products are all inclusive of VAT.


Who is Simmons™?

International manufacturer present in 101 countries of the globe and on all continents, Simmons™ is the first brand in the world in the sleeping segment. With the invention and creation of the first spring mattress in 1870, Mr. Simmons™ marked a fundamental turning point in the culture of sleep. Since then Simmons™ has always innovated to keep pace with modernity. Simmons™ products have always been present in the most elegant homes and in the most prestigious hotels. For this to sleep well there you need Simmons™, that's all.


Savifin distributes sleeping systems - mattresses, bed bases, beds, pillows and accessories for the bed - of sure quality under the Simmons™ brand, it is not present in the traditional market and distributes its articles exclusively through the web; is the only company authorized to sell Simmons™ branded sleep systems online. Savifin was founded in 1998 with the aim of providing a concrete answer and a reliable service in terms of sleep, well-being and health. It is also the manufacturer and distributor of the innovative AcarZero™ electronic anti-mite devices that do not use biocides.


Are the sheets for sale on the same ones I slept in at the hotel?

No. Each hotel has different needs and characteristics in terms of bed linen. However, for the different sizes of the beds (the thickness is generally greater than the traditional ones), has also thought of this. A line of high quality products specifically designed for your every need. The bed linen of combines perfectly with Simmons™ beds and elegantly matches the tones of any bedroom. The high quality and refined texture of the fabrics guarantee a memorable rest, night after night.

Why do I have to buy sheets?

We have selected the best materials in order to guarantee you the best possible experience. Sheets made of 100% airo linen and 100% satin cotton with extraordinary textile qualities made in the sizes suitable to perfectly wrap the thick Simmons™ mattresses.

Can I buy only the sheets or the bathroom accessories?

Yes. allows you to buy what you want and then you can always use your Privilege Code to obtain exclusive benefits created for you.

Speaking of sheets: which fabric between linen and cotton guarantees a better rest experience?

If your body is very sensitive to heat and you tend to sweat during the night, linen is the ideal choice. Sheets made from this fantastic natural fiber have a greater ability to dissipate heat than cotton and are therefore highly absorbent and cool. Furthermore, linen has a lower tendency to retain microorganisms and detergent and limescale residues. Cotton, on the other hand, is a vegetable fiber obtained from the mature capsules of plants and is composed of 95% cellulose; it is light, soft and able to absorb sweat well.

Can I buy accessories later?

Yes. The portal will always be at your disposal and you can always use your Privilege Code to obtain exclusive benefits created for you.

What is the topper? Can it really help you sleep better?

The topper is an additional layer of padding with a height varying from 2 to 8 cm that is placed on top of the mattress. Comfortable and light, Simmons™ toppers increase the level of comfort of the mattress, improving the distribution of body weight and considerably reducing the pressure loads of the subcutaneous tissues, avoiding the formation of harmful pressure points on the body when lying down. They also help keep the mattress more hygienic.

Pilks: how can I identify the pillow that's right for me without trying it first?

The pillow is an indispensable tool for sleeping well. Each person has their own way of sleeping; supine, prone or on one side. For each way of sleeping there is a specific support and understanding it can make the difference. There are three types of support: soft, medium and firm. The former are made for those who sleep mainly on their stomachs, the second for those who sleep mainly on their sides, while the rigid ones are made for those who sleep on their backs. In addition to these macro categories, it is important to know the material with which they are packaged: latex, memory foam, goose down or high quality synthetic materials. is attentive to your needs and has the solution for each of them. Compare the best solutions that we offer to make your rest unforgettable.

Are the covers on the base and headboard removable?

Yup. The fabric covers have been designed to adapt to your needs so you can always take them off, wash them or replace them.


I suffer from allergies, are your mattresses hypoallergenic?

Yup. All the mattresses offered by are made with hypoallergenic materials. The attention paid to you and those around you is a priority for us. also offers innovative solutions to combat allergies to dust mites. In any case, in order to remove the ideal environmental conditions for the reproduction of dust mites, it is essential to always follow the WHO guidelines to guarantee you quality sleep.
• The furniture must be made up of furniture that is easy to clean with a damp cloth.
• The ambient humidity must not exceed 50%.
• Eliminate rugs, carpets, soft toys, curtains and anything else that can offer a favorable environment for the colonization and development of mites.
• Wash bed linen at least once a week at 60° C.
• Frequently ventilate the rooms to eliminate the allergens present.
• Avoid smoking in areas frequented by allergic subjects.
• Limit contact with animals.
• Prefer a mattress built with non-natural materials and with a removable cover so that it can be washed at least every three months and replaced after four years.
• Cover mattresses and pillows with special covers.
• Prefer a pillow with non-natural materials, washable and to be replaced after two years.
• For domestic cleaning, use vacuum cleaners equipped with a HEPA filter -High Efficiency Particulate Air- which do not release particles larger than 0.3 microns into the environment, ie the size of the mite.

Are there products that effectively fight dust mites? recommends AcarZero™, an ultrasonic acaricide device, absolutely harmless to people and pets, capable of significantly reducing the concentration of dust mites on mattresses, pillows and in already colonized domestic environments without using potentially harmful chemicals for humans or biocides. The effectiveness and practicality of AcarZero™, available in multiple versions, make it an ideal and elective device for the environmental remediation of mites. The remediation effect is obtained progressively from the entry into operation of the device and reaches its peak of effectiveness within 90 days, depending on the initial concentration of the mites, in healthy environments, on the other hand, it immediately prevents their formation.

How can I effectively remove dust and mites without damaging my bed?

The solution is Aspirac™, a portable vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter and UV-C germicidal sterilizing lamp. Ideal for keeping mattresses and upholstery hygienic. With its triple action of sterilisation, beating and suction with calibrated power, Aspirac™ by AcarZero™ ensures maximum cleanliness and hygiene of mattresses and upholstery, developing an effective and extraordinary anti-mite action, important for combating allergic pathologies, without the use of chemicals.