About Us


Dormireacinquestelle.it is the first Italian portal for hotels in your home and offers you the opportunity to purchase the same Simmons bed on which you have slept, for work or pleasure, in a specific hotel. Not a similar one: just the same!
You can configure your bed, choosing it from almost 6 million possible compositions, to adapt it to your needs, your aesthetic taste or your lifestyle.


Dormireacinquestelle.it gives you the opportunity to sleep every night like in a luxury hotel, enjoying the same comfort you appreciated during your stay at the hotel.
Many guests ask the hotel for information on the bed on which they have rested and also want it at home. This site, dedicated exclusively to them, will allow them to be tracked very easily and to receive it directly at home.
The products presented on this site are made by Simmons, are exclusive to dormireacinquestelle.it and are not for sale in any shop, either in Italy or abroad.


The best hotels offer an accurate service to their customers.
One of their strengths consists in researching the best products to guarantee their guests the best in terms of rest as well. For this reason the best hotels have chosen Simmons quality, present since 1870 in the most exclusive hotels and in the most elegant homes. All over the world.
This innovative project was created to allow guests of the best hotels to get a 5-star rest even at home. And to achieve this goal we have entered into an exclusive partnership relationship with Simmons. Only dormacinquestelle.it, in fact, is able to provide users with the same bed on which they slept in the hotel, equipped with the necessary accessories to adapt it to the design of their home or to their aesthetic taste, with a white-glove service, complete with transport and assembly to achieve an excellent result: sleep even at home like in a 5-star hotel!

White glove service

Dormireacinquestelle.it is able to transport and deliver the product you have chosen to any part of Italy – but also all over the world.
Simply fill in the shipping form when booking your 5-star bed: the system will automatically indicate the cost of transport and delivery to your home.
You can also choose whether to assemble the product yourself or have it assembled by our staff and, if you wish, you can also entrust us with your old bed to be disposed of, leaving us the burden of sending it to the landfill.

Five Star Quality and Bespoke Design

Dormireacinquestelle.it allows you to choose the bed according to your preferences and your aesthetic taste. In fact, you can create your own bed, customizing it from almost 6 million combinations of sizes, designs, components, fabrics, colours...but with the utmost simplicity. Guaranteed!
The choice is between:
  • 19 mattress models ...but if you've slept in a hotel, the system will already know which one is the right one;
  • 2 types of base units ...for every need for comfort;
  • different types of upholstery for the base units ...do you love classic or modern?
  • 13 header shapes ...if you want to customize the design;
  • 84 variants of colors in 6 categories of fabrics for the removable covers of the bases and headboards ...if you want to buy them; 36 different bed sizes ...to give you all the space you want;
  • 15 different feet and wheels to support the bed as it deserves.
A dormacinquestelle.it bed, built entirely in Italy and guaranteed by Simmons, is therefore a unique bed, classic or modern, which adapts to every taste and every environment thanks to the wide range of choices, while always maintaining the extraordinary quality unchanged of comfort, which will be identical to what you enjoyed at the hotel.

Unique products

The result is a completely personalized bed among almost 6 million alternative solutions but within a system that guides you step by step and helps you choose what you are looking for quickly and easily.
You can do it in three different ways:
  1. Find your bed now.
    Select from the hotel list that use Simmons beds, the hotel you stayed at, and you get to the bed you liked.
    If you are interested, you can further enrich the bed with our accessories and complements and then buy it! Remember that the hotel where you stayed has a special voucher (Privilege Code) at your disposal which allows you to take advantage of an exclusive treatment and a special discount on your purchases.
  2. Create your own bed.
    At your disposal is a vast choice of comforts, shapes, solutions and finishes with which you can have fun building your bed, truly unique and with undisputed Simmons quality.
  3. Personalize your bed.
    A range of accessories such as pillows, sheets and accessories can complete the your bed and make it even more unique.